actware Production Performance Software

  • Realtime production monitoring and analytical software
  • Determine the operational efficiency of the complete production site (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
  • Determine the operational efficiency of your operators (time registration related to orders).
  • Communication with most ERP software is possible.
  • Check online the production status and performance at any time.

actware Laboratory Data Collection Software

Most of the laboratory equipment are controlled by microcontrollers or mini computers ans usually they have dedicated software running, including by analytical data processing. The instruments are mostly equipped with a communication port like RS232, USB or TCP/IP.

In 2016 we developed a web based data collection system which is able to collect the data. We call this BIG data. This feature suits completely in the Industry 4.0 story with Internet Of Things (IoT).

  • Each instrument has his own web page with the feature to add manuals and procedures (PDF)
  • As soon as data is received from the instrument, the results appear on the web page.
  • By use of data captation and file sharing, we make it possible to add extra parameter fields and save all this data in a structured way into a database.
  • In this way, analytical report scan be generated by tools like Microsoft Power BI, Excel or specific custom made web reports.
  • Possibility to communicate with most common ERP systems.
  • Can work as stand-alone or client-server application.
  • We can provide network integration in cooperation with your IT department.