Vision & Robotics

  • Our customers are expecting the latest technologies, combined with a high flexibility and online monitoring. Robotics in combination with intelligent camera systems fulfil these expectations.
  • Robot controlled systems help us to reduce costs, improve quality, increase yield and avoid scrap.
  • Prices of robots are decreased and are now similar to XYZ controlled engineered systems with the advantage that the controller is able to communicate with PLC’s or PC’s by use of an industrial protocol like EtherCat or Profibus.
  • For small applications, a scara robot is used.
  • For more complex applications we use a 6 axis robot.
  • Depending of the application, a robot is combined with a smart camera for pick- and place applications and/or a sophisticated torque sensor.
  • In both industries (process and laboratory), the need for robotics becomes higher. They guarantee reliability, high performance and an overall added value for production.

Vision systems

  • Vision systems are getting smarter and they fit perfectly in the world of artificial intelligence. Cameras are more and more used in process industry and laboratories.
  • For process and quality control, vision systems becomes a must.
  • Process industry: online quality control, pick and place for robot coordinates, readout product labels by use of OCR, bar codes, QR codes, online measurements, online object recognition, etc.
  • Laboratory: detection of visual aspects, sample measurements, registration of simulated processes and analytics of 3D scans and photogrammetry.